Announcing the 2018 Carbon Fest

Alongside international academic partners, The Carbon Institute is bringing together international terrestrial carbon specialists to California for the 2018 Carbon Fest. These experts will research and compete in a rapid-response assessment of land-use and forest carbon emissions. The Carbon Fest 2018 will be held in conjunction with the Global Climate Action Summit to prove readiness for climate action and to produce technical collaborations with the power to accelerate the goals of the Paris Agreement.


The Carbon Fest 2018 event will highlight a new successful model of international cooperation for forest and climate change technical excellence. This international effort will showcase the University of California Natural Reserve System, the world-class greenhouse gas science of University of California schools, and the vital leadership of California on climate change.


The competition will involve numerous international teams, with team members working across institutions and countries. The partners on each team will collaborate and estimate the terrestrial and blue carbon stocks and fluxes (emissions and removals) of the reserve.  An International Panel will judge each teams’ success in satisfying the quality indicators of the IPCC Guidelines: transparency, consistency, comparability, completeness and accuracy (TCCCA). The event is sponsored by The Carbon Institute, along with government and academic partners and funders in the US, Germany, China, Indonesia, DRC, Kenya, ROC, Cameroon, and elsewhere.


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