Carbon Accounting Solutions at Indonesia Pavillion

The Carbon Institute was featured at a side event at the Indonesian Pavilion in Marrakech during COP22. The session was organized by CCROM-SEAP, The Carbon Institute partner in Indonesia, and featured speakers from Indonesian academia, the Indonesian ministry of environment, and the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI).


Entitled, “Development of Competency Based Training on Terrestrial Carbon Accounting to Support MRV,” the arc of the discussion

Dr. Rizaldi Boer speaks on Indonesia's decarbonization pathways.

Dr. Rizaldi Boer speaks on Indonesia’s decarbonization pathways.

began with national MRV systems moved to technical progress and capacity needs and concluded with work to develop capacity solutions. Overall, the side event told the story of the need for stronger forest carbon accounting capacity to capture and further encourage the Indonesian government’s progress in reducing emissions from the forest sector, and the work of The Carbon Institute to build partnerships and programs to establish the needed workforce.

Speakers and Presentations include:

  • “National Policy of Enhancing the Capacity of Local Government and other Stakeholder for Developing the MRV System in Indonesia,”
    • Dr. Belinda Margono, Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry
  • “Implementation of One Map Policy for Sustainable Development,”
    • Dr. Nurwajedi, Geospatial Information Agency
  • “Deep decarbonizing the AFOLU sector and capacity needs to MRV the achievement,”
    • Prof. Rizaldi Boer, CCROM SEAP Bogor Agricultural University
  • “Terrestrial Carbon Accounting Certificates: Enhancing Capacity of Developing Countries through International Academic
    Dr. Yonny Koesmaryono and GHGMI's Patrick Cage discuss new program ideas before the session begins.

    Dr. Yonny Koesmaryono and GHGMI’s Patrick Cage discuss new program ideas before the session begins.


    • Patrick Cage, the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute
  • “Development of Curriculum for Competency Based Training on Terrestrial Carbon Accounting,”
    • Prof. Yonny Koesmaryono, MS, Bogor Agricultural University


Presenters spoke to a packed room, with thoughtful and challenging questions from attendees, interested in the details of how the program would be designed to ensure it addressed real capacity gaps on the group. Several attendees expressed interest in enrolling in courses and joining The Carbon Institute as partners.


For the brief presentation about GHGMI and The Carbon Institute model for capacity-building, see the GHGMI presentation from the event here:

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