Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge

Wake up on Earth Day knowing you’ve helped train tomorrow’s climate heroes. The GHG Management Institute and The Carbon Institute are competing in the Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge. Donate to help us win the weekly prizes, which will support course scholarships and developing new MRV course materials.


The Crowdrise campaign writes:


“The Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge is a capacity building and fundraising competition for climate, conservation, environmental and related non-profit organizations. This friendly fundraising competition is designed to tap into the growing movement of organizations and citizens who are accelerating action on climate change.


The Roadmap was created in November 2016 by a group of 150 committed “Doers” worldwide who gathered in Marrakech to create a democratized model for climate action. The Roadmap is connecting citizens everywhere and mobilizing a global community of Doers. Increase your fundraising this year and become a part of the global Doer community.”


The challenge will run from April 20 to May 18. Check out the profile for The Carbon Institute’s Climate Accountability Workforce here.