Proposed TCA academic programs in China and Indonesia

The Carbon Institute will be launching the first academic certificate programs in Terrestrial Carbon Accounting (TCA) in China and Indonesia in 2018. These TCA Certificate programs will be the first in China and Indonesia to comprehensively teach the suite of skills required for advanced carbon accounting in the land-use, land use change, and forestry sector. These certificate programs are carefully designed for long-term sustainability and to provide an expanded forest carbon workforce that directly meets government TCA needs.


Over the last year, The Carbon Institute partners in China, Indonesia, and the United States have completed three scoping studies for both China and Indonesia to determine the specific needs and details for an in-country TCA Certificate program.


If you have time to review these studies, we are also seeking your input. We welcome any advice you would like to provide through the comment form about how to build the best possible academic programs to train tomorrow’s forest carbon workforce.