Sustainable Capacity Building for the Paris Agreement

On November 6th, The Carbon Institute kicked off its two weeks at COP 23 with a participatory side-event.  The event invited the audience and panelists to discuss a key challenge for implementing the Paris Agreement – that greenhouse gas accounting and inventories are still an enormous challenge to many countries. Fully implementing the Transparency Framework of the Paris Agreement will require a massive increase in professionals with GHG accounting skills. Participants discussed what larger role academic institutions could play in supporting government needs.

Click here to view the fully recorded event, beginning at hour: 3:57:30.

Panelists Include:

Ms. Catherine Martini, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University

Mr. John O Niles, The Carbon Institute, U.S.

Mr. Rizaldi Boer, Director, Centre for Climate Change Risk and Opportunity Management, Indonesia

Professor Gao Jinping, Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning, China

Mr. Joseph Badevokila, Former UNFCCC Focal Point, Republic of Congo