TCI wins Award for Conservation Innovation and $100,000 prize

The Carbon Institute director and founder John-O Niles has been awarded in the first round of the Henry Arnhold fellowship of the Mulago Foundation, beginning in 2016, with training heading into 2017. The fellowship is provided to social entrepreneurs focused on scalable solutions to conservation and climate problems.

The Henry Arnhold fellowship program was launched with the belief that the social entrepreneurship movement needs to penetrate more deeply into conservation and because development efforts to help the poor will ultimately fail if humankind continues to erode the ecological underpinnings of prosperity.


As criteria for the fellowship, the Mulago foundation selected “promising people and ideas to deliver bigger, better, and faster conservation and climate outcomes.” Director John-O Niles and The Carbon Institute staff at large are honored to be the recipients of this prestigious award.


Empowered with the skills and knowledge about organizational scaling from the Mulago retreats, The Carbon Institute is building new partnerships and working to rapidly expand the Terrestrial Carbon Accounting Certificates and other initiatives to new countries and institutions around the globe.


We are grateful to the Mulago team for all their support. We aim to continue to provide reasons to be optimistic about the future.


Note: This article was originally published October 14, 2017.