The Carbon Institute Council Launched

The Carbon Institute (TCI) Council was launched in May 2018, during the all-partners meeting in Xian, China. The Council took up the immediate task of evaluating country specific TCA certificate courses for China and Indonesia for accreditation. The Council is composed of six members, two each from China, Indonesia and the United States.  Dr. Nur Masripatin is the chair of the Council. She is also Indonesia’s National Focal Point for UNFCCC. Other members are Dr. Rizaldi Boer from the Center for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management (CCROM), Indonesia, Drs. Gao Xianlian and Sun Zhongqiu from Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring Centre (FCAMC), China, and Drs. Lisa Hanle and Anup Joshi from the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute (GHGMI), United States. Each member brings in unique experience and expertise in different aspects of Terrestrial Carbon Accounting (TCA).


The Council has agreed on a process to evaluate the TCA certificates. This includes: a list of necessary documents to submit the application for accreditation, detailed evaluation criteria based on GHGMI’s rigorous learning objectives framework, instructor qualifications, student support and evaluation structures, professional development opportunities, and good pedagogy. Each member will grade applications based on above criteria and meet together for a final decision.


The responsibility of the Council may be extended to support a broader function of accountability, governance, and oversight for The Carbon Institute.

Post by Dr. Anup Joshi, Assistant Director for The Carbon Institute