“The Professionals who will Restore our Ecosystems” (Natural Capital Partners interview)

Jonathon Shopley, the Director of Natural Capital Partners, interviews John-O Niles, the founder of The Carbon Institute in a wide-ranging interview about the unique challenges for conserving forests, the requirements of the Paris Agreement, and training the on-the-ground workforce that shift policies to protect ecosystems.


“Forest conservation and restoration is an acre-by-acre fight. This makes forestry harder to scale. It’s not a technology you can introduce, or even a single policy that works from one community to the next, and there’s definitely not an equal incentive to save forests for climate sake.


Every acre has a unique story and set of threats, and needs a different set of incentives. That’s why we must have people, in every country and in every forest looking after each acre of land around the world. And one of the big tools to defend forests is making arguments related to climate change.”


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