Translated from Chinese: Partner Meetings and Stakeholder Consultations in Xi’an

This article was originally posted in Chinese on the website of the State Forestry Administration of the People’s Republic of China.


“Our institute holds the annual work conference and stakeholder meeting of the 2018 Project of the International Academic Partnership for Terrestrial Carbon Accounting (TCAIAP) between China and the United States.”


From May 23rd to May 14th, the hospital held a four-day Sino-U.S. Technical Cooperation “TCAIAP” project in Xi’an on May 14-17. The 2018 project annual work meeting and interest-related Party meetings. More than 20 representatives from U.S. Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, Bogor Agricultural University of China, China Forestry Construction Engineering Association, State Forestry Administration Management College, Northwest Bureau of State Forestry Administration, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, and Shaanxi Provincial Planning Institute attended meeting.


During the conference, the participating experts and project personnel conducted interactive exchanges on the overall progress of the TCAIAP project, progress in the measurement of terrestrial carbon measurement, the organization and management of interview courses and network courses, and the management and exchange of project organizations; the project plans to establish a carbon research institute and elect Indonesia. Ibu Nur, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Carbon Institute, laid the foundation for the expansion of project imaging. Expert consultations on the background of terrestrial carbon measurement policy, IPCC guidelines, GIS/remote sensing, statistics, results exchange, etc. Experts recommend focusing on learning objectives, training before and after training, two assessments, and increasing course interactivity. The foundation for the first phase of training to be carried out in 2018. The Chinese Committee of Promoting Experts on the International Training Program for Terrestrial Carbon Metrology was initially established to provide intellectual resources for improving the level of terrestrial carbon measurement training.


The TCAIAP project is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety of Germany. It is led by the United States Institute of Greenhouse Gas Management, China and Indonesia. The implementation period of the project is from March 2016 to February 2020. Our institute is the Chinese implementation agency of the project. It mainly uses the advanced experience of the US Institute of Greenhouse Gases in terrestrial carbon metrology training. It has carried out the construction of terrestrial carbon metrology training capacity in China and has conducted two training demonstrations in China.




院网5月23日讯  5月14日-17日,我院在西安主持召开为期4天的中美技术合作“陆地碳计量国际学术伙伴项目(TCAIAP)” 2018年项目年度工作会和利益相关方会议。来自美国温室气体管理研究所、印度尼西亚茂物农业大学、中国林业建设工程协会、国家林业局管理干部学院、国家林业局西北院、西北农林科技大学、陕西省规划院等单位的20余名代表参加会议。


会议期间,与会专家和项目人员就TCAIAP项目整体进展、陆地碳计量培训进展、面试课程和网授课程组织管理,以及项目组织管理交流等问题展开了互动交流;项目拟成立碳研究所,选举印度尼西亚Ibu Nur作为碳研究所理事会主席为扩大项目影像奠定基础。对陆地碳计量相关的政策背景、IPCC指南、GIS/遥感、统计、结果交流等课程内容进行专家咨询,专家建议着重考虑学习目标、培训前何培训后两次测评、增加课程互动性,为即将开展的2018年首期培训奠定基础。初步成立了陆地碳计量国际培训项目中方促进专家委员会,为提高陆地碳计量培训水平提供智力资源。