Capacity Building for Carbon Accounting in Central Africa

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Carbon Institute, the US Forest Service recently published a wonderful article detailing the career-long successes and ambitious undertakings of Jean Paul Kibambe Lubambu. A dedicated Councilmember of the Carbon Institute, Jean Paul has dedicated his life to enhancing the capacity of his home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, to monitor forest cover loss and inspire the next generation of foresters. Click Here to learn more about Jean Paul.


Together with Carbon Institute Director John O Niles, Jean Paul has helped to deliver powerful courses in Satellite Imaging and GIS at the University of Kinshasa in the DRC. To see Kibambe and Niles together in action, Watch this Short Video.


Finally, click the article link below to learn more about past, current, and upcoming US Forest Service International Programs.


Science Leadership to Protect Congo’s Rainforest Carbon Celebrated in the United States