Andrew is an energetic and passionate conservation biologist who has spent his life seeking to understand and protect nature. Whether he was trekking the moonlit ridges of smoking volcanoes in the Indonesian Archipelago, free diving with female tiger sharks along the rugged Australian Northwest, photographing migratory flamingos in the Galapagos or squinting up at billions of stars through fire-stung eyes in the Atlas Mountains of Eastern Morocco, Andrew’s determination to align humanity with the cadence and values of the natural world is nearly insatiable. With a proven track record of fostering international and multidisciplinary partnerships, Andrew keeps his heart in the present moment and his eyes on the horizon.


In the wake of the historic Paris Agreement, Andrew has worked to educate and empower citizens to hold their countries accountable by guiding international student trips and utilizing the ‘common but differentiated responsibility’ platform to spur conversations around equity and sustainable development. With special interests in the oceanic carbon cycle, tropical forest restoration and other nature-based solutions, Andrew brings several years of research, climate policy and non-profit management experience to the Carbon Institute.

Andrew writes, “I believe that mitigating the causes and adapting to the effects of climate change are one in the same. By mobilizing natural climate solutions through innovative public-private collaboration, we hope to help build critical capacity in developing nations and harness enhanced climate knowledge to catalyze lasting change.”