Professor Gao Jinping is the deputy director at the Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring Center, Academy of Forest Inventory & Planning, State Forestry Administration, China.

Professor Gao Jinping focuses on the work of the Building China’s National Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring System. From 2013 to 2014, she has been the principal editor for the General Plan of China’s National Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring System. She also researches China’s National carbon market.
She is a co-principle researcher in several science and international cooperation projects, such as the China-German Low Carbon Land-use (2012-2016) and the Forestry Carbon Sink Accounting and Monitoring Infrastructure Construction (China Clean Development Mechanism Fund).
She takes part in the project in Key Technologies by Remote Sensing to Estimate Global Forest Biomass and Carbon Stock (National High Technology Research and Development Program), and Application of Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Satellite Project.

Why I am part of The Carbon Institute

Carbon Research is very valuable. The international cooperation of The Carbon Institute is important for America, China and other countries. Through the program, more people can ben trained in terrestrial carbon accounting and more knowledge and experience can be shared.

Selected Publications

  • GAO Xianlian, GAO Jinping1,Lei Yuancai, Hao Yuelan,Yin Huali.Establishment of Standardized and Time Normalized Database of Forest Resources Inventory in China. Forest Resources Management. 2016. (6): 49-103.
  • Gao Jinping, Gao Xianlian, Hao Yuelan. Research on regionalization and quantitative grading for forest productivity: A case study of Liaoning province. Forest Resources Management. 2014. (6): 49-103.
  • GAO Jinping, Chen Jian, Gao Xianlian, SONG Fei. Enlightenment from the practices of forest low-carbon landuse for adapting to climatic changes in Germany. Forest Resources Management. 2013. (5): 147-151.
  • Gao Jinping, Gao Xianlian. Technical realization and application of data standardization for forest resources. Forest Resources Management. 2009. (5): 29-33.