Dr. I Wayan Susi Dharmawan is a senior researcher at the Forest Research and Development Center; Forest Research, Development and Innovation Agency; Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Indonesia.


Dr. Dharmawan acquired a PhD from Bogor Agricultural University in 2012. In REDD context and climate change in Indonesia, he is an active member REDD+ working group in Forest Research, Development and Innovation Agency; he also give a contribution for making Indonesian FREL to submit to UNFCCC, national REDD strategy, climate change road map in forestry sector and climate change national action plan. His latest research are Evaluation of carbon stock dynamic and CO2 emission in burnt peat swamp forest and logged peat swamp forest at Hampangin and Kalampangan, Central Kalimantan; Estimation of carbon stock in mangrove ecosystem at Kuburaya District, West Kalimantan; Estimation of baseline emission in Meru Betiri National Park, East Java and Study of high carbon stock (HCS) in several concessionaries of palm oil and plantation forest at Gorontalo (Sulawesi), Pangkalanbun (Central Kalimantan), Jambi (Sumatera), East Kalimantan and West Kalimantan. Under cooperation between ASEAN and Republic of Korea, Dr. I Wayan S Dharmawan have coordinated all ASEAN Member States in the Project of Capacity building to increase the Forest Resource Assessment (FRA) capacity and capability. He also joined the activities carried out in the CCROM for LAMAI (Local Appropriate Mitigation Actions Indonesia) project since 2015 as MRV expert.