Dr. Jean Marcial Bell is Co-Lead in building the trainer team for the TCA Program at CRESA, a lecturer at five universities in Cameroon and Africa, and the manager of the Francophone Africa Knowledge Hub on Extractive Industries.


Jean Bell is a climate change specialist and lecturer at CRESA and other universities on wide range of courses related to climate change policy, environmental assessment and communication, university pedagogy, and research methodology, with a focus on REDD+. Dr. Bell led the conception and operationalization of CRESA’s “Climate Change and REDD+” Master’s Degree program  in 2014. Alongside Dr. Hiol Hiol, he served as the Co-Lead in building the Trainer Team at CRESA for the The Carbon Institute Terrestrial Carbon Accounting program for Central Africa. Since 2014, he has served as manager of the Francophone Africa Knowledge Hub on Extractive Industries, developing capacity building initiatives for stakeholders across the extractive industry value chain and supervising research on the social and climate impacts of industrial mining. Dr. Bell has worked as a climate change and REDD+ officer for various Non-Governmental and International Organizations, and contributed in building the Climate Change and REDD+ mechanism and strategy.


Why I am part of The Carbon Institute

“The practical experience built in the TCA program is showing how to add significant value to the REDD+ process. I think that the TCA program will be a great contribution to bringing the REDD+ process forward in Africa.”