Molly White is the Knowledge Management Director of The Carbon Institute. 


Molly White is the Senior Education Program Manager and Registrar at the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute. Through The Carbon Institute, Molly is the Knowledge Management Director of the Terrestrial Carbon Accounting International Academic Partnership (TCAIAP).


Molly has a M.S. in Forest Management from the University of Wisconsin, Madison where her research focused on ecosystem and industrial carbon budget analysis.  She holds a B.A. in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology from the University of Montana. Currently, she also lends her expertise by serving on the Missoula Mayor’s Conservation & Climate Action Plan Technical Advisory Team and the Board of Directors at the Wild Rockies Field Institute.


Why I am part of The Carbon Institute

“Because it is of utmost importance to improve the quality of higher education and advanced training in a way that will help the world address climate change.  To this end, and to paraphrase David Roberts, The Carbon Institute is helping make the impossible, possible.”