Patrick Cage is a Program Officer with the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, with a special focus on The Carbon Institute and AFOLU sector initiatives.


Through his role as Program Officer at GHGMI, Patrick works primarily with The Carbon Institute to structure international academic partnerships in terrestrial carbon accounting. Patrick developed the Science and Policy Context and 2006 IPCC Guidelines and Land Classification courses for The Carbon Institute core curriculum. Patrick is also engaged on research and pedagogy, knowledge and project management, and development aspects of The Carbon Institute’s mission. In 2015 and 2016, Patrick is served as Director of the Tropical Forest Group, a Carbon Institute founding partner. Under Patrick’s directorship, TFG launched the platform and developed metrics to objectively track the negotiations at COP21 in Paris, which were widely used by the media. Patrick provides secretariat support to the Coalition on Paris Agreement Capacity Building.


Why I am part of The Carbon Institute

“The Carbon Institute is an innovative capacity-building project in the spirit of the Paris Agreement: tackling climate change with renewed energy through better data and collaboration between countries. International academic partnerships can sustainably train greenhouse gas experts at a scale commensurate with the challenge of global climate change. Cutting-edge initiatives like The Carbon Institute generate the human capacity that is the foundation of the Paris Agreement and will help us move into a new era of implementing climate change solutions.”