Professor Gao Xianlian is the Division Director at the Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring Center, Academy of Forest Inventory & Planning, State Forestry Administration, China.


Professor Gao Xianlian focuses on the establishment of China’s National Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring System. Since 2009, he has been an editor for the Guidelines for National Forest Carbon Measurement and Monitoring Technology, and Forest Understory and Soil Carbon Pool Survey Specification. Professor Xianlian led the National Forest Carbon Sink Inventory, and estimated national forest carbon stocks and carbon sinks as a principle researcher. He is a principle researcher or co-principle researcher in several science and international cooperation projects, such as the China-German Low Carbon Land-use (2012-2015) and the Forestry Carbon Sink Accounting and Monitoring Infrastructure Construction (China Clean Development Mechanism Fund). He is also PI of a sub-project in Key Technologies by Remote Sensing to Estimate Global Forest Biomass and Carbon Stock (National High Technology Research and Development Program), and principle technical executive of Application of Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Satellite Project. Professor Xianlian is a member of the National Forest Resources Inventory Technical Group and a member of Forestry Information Data Standards Committee.


Why I am part of The Carbon Institute

“The Carbon Institute has great potential as a coordinator between researchers, government officers and civilians in different countries. The international cooperative work of Carbon Institute will improve the understanding of terrestrial carbon accounting and management for individuals in many countries with different cultures.

This program will build our capacity in training individuals in terrestrial carbon accounting, and will allow us to share knowledge and experience, as well as enhance the cooperation between China, America, Indonesia, and Germany in climate change mitigation and forestry management.”


Selected Publications

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