The Carbon Institute at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, 2018

The Carbon Institute partners from Indonesia, China, Africa and the US gathered at the Global Climate Action Summit to do what we do best – measure terrestrial carbon, build great faculty, and have fun. In this article, Kathleen Wong from the University of California Natural Reserve System, describes The Carbon Institute. In the article, there are quotes from The Carbon Institute Council Chairwoman Ibu Nur, as well as partners Liu Yingchun, Francois Hiol Hiol and Rizaldi Boer.

“The Paris Agreement has forced the world to up its carbon accounting game. Prior to the agreement, only developed nations were expected to conducted regular inventories. Now all nations have pledged to monitor their emissions and set emissions reduction goals.


Unfortunately, this progress has a flip side: setting and meeting those targets is completely voluntary.


“It’s like a weight loss problem. You can count calories but no one tells you how much weight to lose.” said Liu Yingchun, of China’s Forest Carbon Accounting and Monitoring Center.”

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